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Take your workout to a new level!

Geneseo Park District is excited to announce our new partner in community wellness...Hammond-Henry Rehab.

Let the trainers from Hammond-Henry Rehab be your partners in fitness, to redefine yourself and make a long-term change. The trainer will be there to instruct you on proper techniques during your well-balanced workout, and at the same time, motivating you to achieve your fitness goals.

Why hire a personal trainer?

You want a personalized workout that will be both challenging and time efficient based on your individual fitness goals. You are posting rehab or have other medical conditions that may need specialized attention. You want a personal health/lifestyle educator that will provide you with fitness testing and improvement tracking throughout your program. You need someone to motivate you as well as give you proper progression stages, while at the same time making your exercise program challenging and fun. Your current program is not providing you with results and you need some exercise variety. You are training for a specific event and want to enhance your performance specificity of training.



Traditional Personal Training is one person working with one of our Certified Personal Trainers. It offers the greatest flexibility to use the sessions when it is convenient for you and the best personalized program.
CERTIFIED PERSONAL TRAINERS: Mathew Henry & Shannon Port, Hammond-Henry Rehab

1 session | $33 M / $66 NM
5 Sessions | $140 M / $280 NM


Semi-Private Personal Training is 2-3 friends or family members working with one of our Certified Personal Trainers at the same time. It offers the flexibility to use the sessions when it is convenient for all people, support from friends and family members and a personalized program that meets the common goal of all individuals, but at a reduced fee.
CERTIFIED PERSONAL TRAINERS: Mathew Henry & Shannon Port, Hammond-Henry Rehab

1 session | $28 M / $56 NM
5 Sessions | $125 M / $250 NM

Contact The Center at (309) 944-5695 to start your personal training today!

Personal Training sessions will expire 1-year from date of purchase. This expiration date is designed to help you achieve your fitness goals in a timely manner.




As part of your membership, you have received a STRATEGY SESSION that includes a Fitness Orientation, a Fitness Assessment, and a Fitness Consultation. This is all at no cost to you*! When you complete the Strategy Session you will have a full understanding of the Cardio/Weight Room and a fitness plan – all intended to give you the tools to reach your goal/s.

Current Members can take advantage of Strategy Sessions use it to get out of your fitness rut!

Fee: *FREE to new Members / $25 Members


The Geneseo Park District & Hammond-Henry Hospital want to help you reach your health & fitness goals with monthly




Every person is different. Each of us has different needs, wants, opinions, likes, and dislikes. For some of us when it comes to exercise, we need a higher level of accountability with a personal trainer to help us stay on track. 

Check out these 4 types of people, and see which one you are:

You need a good kick in the tail every now and then

You fall off track easily and it's hard for you to get back on

You make one mistake and quit

Need some guidance and then you are good to go

Regardless of what type of person you are, we have an accountability model and a plan for you. Our coaches will help create an individualized plan designed to meet you where you are at and where you want to go. Something as fundamental as fitness doesn’t have to be difficult, which is why we try to make things easy for you - no matter what type of person you are. If you are ready to start making a change, contact us for a Strategy Session and let us know what type of fitness investor you are!

We are here to help you!





  1. It’s not just like riding a bike. There will be no picnic lunch at the end. You will be spending the entire ride sprinting, climbing, increasing and decreasing resistance.
  2. Arrive early. Bikes fill up fast! Get here early to guarantee a bike next to your workout buddy. Plus you will probably need some assistance setting up your bike properly.
  3. Bring a towel.  You are going to sweat…A LOT! You will need the towel to wipe off your forehead and get your life together during the mid class break.
  4. Bring a water bottle…maybe two. Cycling is way more intense than you probably think it will be. You are going to want to hydrate. Your future self will thank you.
  5. Don’t worry when your instructor gets off the bike. Are they going to make you go faster? Harder? Don’t fret, they are just making sure everyone is still in the groove.
  6. Your butt muscles may hate you the day after your first class. That cycle seat takes a bit to get used to & you will be sitting, standing, tapping your booty on the seat…lets just say that your butt will take a beating.
  7. Singing along is okay…even encouraged! Indoor cycling playlists are carefully planned to motivate you and keep you pumped through the entire class.
  8. Form matters.  Listen to your instructor when they cue how to pedal correctly or perform a move.
  9. Tuck your shoelaces into your shoes. Laces + gears = OUCH
  10. Working out in the dark is awesome. You can completely focus on YOU and YOUR workout without fear of being judged or watched. Total confidence booster.





Break down your resolution into small achievable goals.
This will allow you to feel success and motivate you to keep going. If you want to lose weight or get stronger one of those small goals could be starting a workout routine.

Find an accountability buddy.
We all need someone to help keep us on track and to encourage us when we want to quit. If you have a fitness or health-related goal and don’t have anyone to be that person for you- our personal trainers are ready to help and be that person!

Be positive.
If it has been done, there is NO REASON you can’t do it too! Quit telling yourself you can’t and remind yourself that you can and WILL.  You may have set a goal that will take longer than you think- but you can meet your resolution. 

Record and review.
Write down your journey. ( I know this sounds cheesy- but it works) You will have ups and downs so when you are feeling hopeless review your journal. Then appreciate the actions you have taken, value what you have been doing to meet your goal and write down a few things you can focus on until you gain your motivation back.

We believe in you!

Upcoming Events

April 24


Come out for some fun games, warm up drills and a round robin scramble. Paddles and balls will be furnished if you don't have your own. No Partner required.
GRADES: 4 - 8

May 04


Learn the beginning skills required to be a lifeguard May 4 - 5
*Must attend both training days to receive lifeguard certification

May 09

FREE SEMINAR & LUNCHEON - Nursing Homes 101

Join the Park District for a free seminar from Hammond-Henry Hospital followed by a free light luncheon provided by the Geneseo Park District Foundation.
Hammond-Henry will present on their 12 years running - 5 Star CMS rated facility, considerations for nursing home placement, nursing home options in the area, and nursing home education for families and potential residents.

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