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Learning a lifetime sport has never been easier!

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Tennis is the perfect sport for your kids and is now easier to play! Quickstart tennis is an innovative teaching system endorsed by the USTA. It uses modified equipment (smaller racquets and lower compression tennis balls) and smaller court sizes. The fundamentals of the game will be taught and participants will quickly be rallying and playing, creating a positive fun atmosphere to continue learning this lifetime sport.

FEE: $30 M / $60 NM
LOCATION: Athletic Field Tennis Courts

QUICKSTARTTM K - 2nd GRADE #42050 Develop hand-eye coordination along with movement skills and agility, perform racquet handling skills, and become familiar with the tennis court. Basic tennis fundamentals are taught through lots of tennis-like games! Must be enrolled in Kindergarten.

4:30 5:30 pm | M 

April 1st - April 22, 2019

QUICKSTARTTM 3rd - 5TH GRADE #42051 Our intermediate classes are designed for students who have some experience and can hit a tossed ball consistently. Players are expected to have knowledge of the basic strokes and are ready for the next level of play. Emphasis is also placed on moving and hitting.

4:30 -5:30 pm | M 

April 1st - April 22, 2019



Come out and learn the fundamentals of the game and have fun! Qualified instructors will teach ground strokes, volleys, lobs, and serving, while emphasizing team building, sportsmanship and cooperation. Individuals and all-court challenges and games will allow participants to apply skills learned. Instructional tennis will be held at the athletic field.

Coach : Cody Mighell

FEE: $30 M / $60 NM
LOCATION: Athletic Field
GRADES: 6th - 8th

5:30 - 6:30 pm | M 

April 1 - April 22, 2019

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