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Policies & Procedures

Park District Policies

Geneseo Park District Policies & Procedures

PROGRAM RATE POLICY. It is the policy of the Park District that program participants must have a current membership to participate at membership rates. Memberships must be purchased prior to the program start date to receive the programs membership rate, the difference will NOT be refunded for memberships purchased after the first day of a program. Patrons may register for programs at the membership rate beyond their membership expiration date but if they do not renew they will be obligated to pay the difference between the member and non-member rate for programs that they continue to participate in past their expiration date.

The Park District does not provide accident insurance. Each person participates at his or her own risk.

The Park District recommends that you consult your physician before beginning any new exercise program.

NON-DISCRIMINATION POLICY: The Geneseo Park District will not exclude anyone from participation in, deny anyone the benefits of, or otherwise subject anyone to discrimination because of the person’s race, sex, color, national origin or handicap except where sex is a bona fide requirement for participation. If you believe you have been discriminated against on the basis of your race, color, national origin, disability, sex or age please contact the National Park Service at EEO Program Manager, U.S. Dept. of the Interior, National Park Service, 1849 C Street, NW (org Code 0008)Washington D.C. 20240

INCLUSION POLICY: The park district believes each participant should be provided with leisure services to allow for his/her highest level of performance. Inclusion Services are designed to facilitate and ensure opportunities are available in the least restrictive environment and to make certain residents are given the opportunity to choose the services they desire. The Geneseo Park District will make reasonable accommodations in recreation programs to enable participation by an individual with a disability that meets essential eligibility requirements for that leisure program and facility.

Geneseo Park District ADA Grievence Notice

Access and Inclusion Internal Complaint Procedure

If you have any special needs, please contact Scott Himmelman or Jackie Beach at (309) 944-5695.

RESIDENCY REQUIREMENTS: A resident of the Park District is any person who lives within the park district boundaries. These boundaries are different than the Geneseo School District. The park district includes all that reside within the city of Geneseo and some of the surrounding townships. Please call us at (309) 944-5695 if you have any questions regarding residency requirements. Those who live outside of the Park District boundaries are considered non-residents.

PARTICIPANTS CONDUCT GUIDELINES AND DISCIPLINE: Participants are expected to exhibit appropriate behavior at all times. They should show respect to all participants and staff, refrain from the use of foul language, show respect for equipment and facilities, refrain from threatening or causing bodily harm to self, other participants or staff and make sure they follow all safety rules and procedures set forth by staff. The Geneseo Park District has developed a positive approach to be used regarding discipline. The Park District reserves the right to dismiss a participant whose behavior endangers his or her own safety or the safety of others. All participants are expected to exhibit appropriate behavior at all times. If conduct and behavior are deemed improper the first step is a “verbal response” to suggest a different type of behavior. The second step is to give the participant a time out and explain this is their second warning and the next time they will have to address the Manager. After two tries and behavior has not improved it is time to contact the park district management. At this time management will remove the participant from the program, talk to the participant, talk to the instructor and then talk to the parent/guardian. If behavior is not improved upon during class participation removal from the program is possible.

PHOTOGRAPH POLICY: On occasion, Park District staff may photograph or videotape participants in Park District programs/classes, or at park events/facilities. These photos/videos are for Park District use only and may be used in Park District marketing materials including, but not limited to, publications, brochures, pamphlets, flyers, advertisements, website or videos. If you do not wish for us to use your picture/video, please fill out proper paperwork located at either desk at the community center. If you do not want your picture taken, please tell our photographer.

ANNUAL MEDICAL EXAMINATION: Is strongly recommended for all persons and particularly necessary for adults who are embarking on a physical conditioning program. ATTIRE: Suitable gym clothes (including shirt) and shoes are required for admittance in the gyms, courts, jogging track, fitness rooms, and cardio/weight room. Swimsuits are required for admittance to the pool. Suitable clothing is to be worn in the sauna. INSURANCE: The Community Center was constructed with the highest health and safety standards and does not provide accident insurance. Each person participates at his/her own risk.

LOST AND FOUND POLICY: Personal items brought to the Geneseo Park District are the responsibility of the individual. We have a lost and found box at both desks. We will keep jewelry, clothing, and sports equipment for a two-week time frame then all items will be taken to the food pantry. PLEASE NOTE: All scheduled activities or facilities (times, dates and fees) may be changed or canceled at the discretion of the Park District staff. Certain facilities may be closed for class instruction. Please check times and dates at either the front desk or pool desk.

RESERVATION POLICY: Participants interested in reserving the racquetball courts may do so at the front desk.

REFUND POLICY: Memberships are not transferable. Annual memberships discontinued before the year is completed will be refunded 50% of the unused balance; there is a $5.00 service fee. When requested, full refunds will be given for any program requested before the first day of class. Refunds requested after the class starts will be at a rate of half of the unused portion at the time of the request.

THANKS FOR NOT SMOKING: The community center is an advocate for good health and fitness. We ask your cooperation by not smoking throughout the building.

CARDIO/WEIGHT ROOM POLICY: Children under high school age must complete a cardio/weight training course in order to use the cardio and weight equipment. This course is available to students entering 7th and 8th grades. Please refer to the front office or current program brochure for more information.

JOGGING/WALKING TRACK RULES: Slow joggers/walkers stay to inside lane. Jog/walk in single file. Indoor gym shoes are required. No loitering on track. Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday run clockwise, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, run counter-clockwise. Thirteen laps equal one mile. Must be High School age or above to use the track without adult supervision. Note: A “special pass” is available to persons under high school age who wish to use the track without adult supervision. Applications are available at the front office.

Upcoming Events

June 02


Attend a FREE swim skills evaluation at the Indoor Pool and let us place your child in the proper swim level prior to the start of Summer Swim Lessons.
Wednesday June 2, 2021 | 4:15 - 5:15 pm
Thursday June 3, 2021 | 3:00 - 4:30 pm

June 03


Attend a FREE swim skills evaluation at the Indoor Pool and let us place your child in the proper swim level prior to the start of Summer Swim Lessons.
Wednesday June 2, 2021 | 4:15 - 5:15 pm
Thursday June 3, 2021 | 3:00 - 4:30 pm

June 06


There will be a 1-hour educational session on the dry land, followed by a 2-hour session on the water. Bring your own kayak or canoe. A limited number will be available on a first come first serve basis.
FREE Admission thanks to the Geneseo Park District Foundation. Pre-registration is preferred.

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