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Your Park District

Your Park District

The Geneseo Park District Board works to provide the best possible park and recreation services to our residents and visitors. Our community is extremely lucky to have the facilities available where people can play, relax, learn and enjoy.

Why become a Park Partner?

By becoming a sponsor, your business brand, mission and message will be featured in promotional materials such as signs, social media, and Park District publications that reach thousands of patrons in our community.

The Park District offers events and programs that promote healthy, active lifestyles and fun for all ages! Choose from a variety of Park District events or programs that connect with targeted audiences. Sponsorships also can include opportunities to directly interact with event participants.

Find the right fit for your budget. Our flexible options offer opportunities for businesses of all sizes. Businesses can choose to become a sponsor or make a contribution that assists with an event or program.

How do I become a Park Partner?

There are many ways you can partner with the Park District to ensure the greatest visibility for your company. Pick an event and level that best fits your business needs.

Download to see a complete list of possible events or programs


Contact Anne Nelms at the Geneseo Park District

541 E. North Street | Geneseo, IL

phone: (309) 944-5695 | fax: (309) 944-8395


Please support our partners.

Learn more about our partners by clicking on their logo!

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Imagine the power of your message projected onto a giant wall-to-wall screen in brilliant color. Cinema advertising provides an effective way to break through clutter and grab the viewers attention.

Cinema Advertising at Central Theater

Cinema advertising slides are screened during the preshow. Each ad is featured in 10 second intervals, at least three times throughout the 20 minute preshow, in front of all films.

$450 per year ($400 Non-Profit)

Monitor Advertising at The Center 

Our advertising system is located throughout the Geneseo Community Center to effectively display local area business advertisements to increase visibility of your services, specials or products.

$450 per year ($400 Non-Profit)

Cinema or Center Monitor Ad Details:

  • 1-year Commitment
  • $100/slide each additional advertisements
  • Ads changed quarterly (following the schedule of the Geneseo Park District seasons) the first friday of the month: January, April, June, and September
  • Payment is required in full prior to the start of advertisement unless otherwise requested. Payments can be split into 4 (quarterly) payments upon request. An additional $5 service fee will be charged for each payment.

Design your own ads or have us design it for you.

$50 Flat Rate for one on-screen ad per quarterly change

$25 Flat Rate for each additional on-screen ad

Looking for a special deal or a short term package?

$650 1-year commitment, 2 locations

Run the same ad at BOTH Central Theater and Community Center Monitors. 1-year commitment on 1 advertisement, 2 locations (Central Theater AND Center Monitors)

$500 6-month commitment

1 advertisement, 2 locations (Central Theater AND Center Monitors. No payment plan available

$300 ($275 Non-profit) 6-month commitment

1 advertisement, 1 location (Central Theater OR Center Monitors). No payment plan available

$100 1-month commitment

1 advertisement, 2 locations (Central Theater AND Center Monitors)

Ads start at the beginning of each month

$80 ($60 Non-profit) 1-month commitment

1 advertisement, 1 location (Central Theater OR Center Monitors)

Ads start at the beginning of each month

Need more information?

For more information contact the Geneseo Park District
(309) 944-5695

Note: Advertising that promotes smoking, drinking, escort services, or political affiliations, or any topics deemed inappropriate by the Geneseo Park District is not permitted.

Upcoming Events

September 19

Family Fishing Frenzy

FREE Virtual Fishing Competition
This program will provide an opportunity for families to enjoy the outdoors in a friendly competition to see who can catch the longest fish. The fish will be graded by length so make sure to bring a tape measure with you!
Categories include: Blue Gill, Crappie, Bass, and Catfish. Longest fish wins a prize!

September 19

Free Fishing Introduction

The Geneseo Park District will be conducting a FREE Fishing Demo for beginner fishermen including: an introduction to your rod and reel, basic knot tying, exploring different types of lures, and putting worms on hooks.
No registration is required. Participants are welcome to drop by at any time. Please bring your own equipment.

September 19


WEDNESDAYS 7:00 PM at GBC Stay for some social time following your run!
SATURDAYS 7:30 AM at Canal Locks on Grange Road
Questions? Contact Andy Thurman, Geneseo Park District Executive Director |
Sponsored in part by GBC & Rotary

All Upcoming Events