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Helping Hands Come in All Shapes and Sizes Become a Park District Volunteer!


At the Geneseo Park District, we believe volunteerism is one of the highest forms of recreation. Community involvement is a vital key in staying active and making a difference in others’ lives. The District has an assortment of volunteer opportunities that can offer challenging and rewarding use of leisure time. Volunteer participation in the Geneseo Park District instills a sense of pride, ownership, and responsibility.

Volunteer Policy

The Geneseo Park District Board of Commissioners recognizes the important and vital role that volunteers play in the delivery of quality Park District programs and services to the constituents of the Park District and the surrounding areas. Utilizing the interests and skills of individuals residing in the community is a great resource to the community and promotes community support and spirit. These individuals make possible the implementation of an array of activities and provide the park district with an abundance of skills that would otherwise be unavailable. The increased number of programs and services enrich the mission of the Park District and assist in providing a beneficial quality of life to the residents of the Geneseo Park District.

The Geneseo Park District staff and commissioners will make every effort to recruit, train, supervise and recognize volunteers on an on-going basis.

Volunteer Manual (.pdf)


Thank You for Volunteering your time & talents in 2017!

Thank You Volunteers


Jim Adamson
Andy Sahr
Jon Staab
Rick Preston
Bryce Henderson
Mark Mosbarger
Jeff Hasson
Ryan Hartsock
Josh Spensley
Kaden Rink
Rick Femali

Ryan Sheddan
Tom Craterfield
Jon McAvoy
Kacey Myers
Janelle Pettit
Margo Hone
Jeremiah Shoemaker
Jeff Gerstel
Adam DeCap
Steve Bender
Jaci Claerhout
Sam Marshall

Mary-Margaret Herstedt
Steve Alexander

Shannon Allen
Steve Danay
Nate Brown
Justin Darin
Mariah Munson
Anne Lobdell

Upcoming Events

April 29


Pitch, Hit, and Run is an exciting skills competition for boys and girls ages 7 – 14.

May 07

FREE Special Day Jumps

Come jump in the Bounce House at The Center's on your day off!
10:00 am - Noon

May 24


The LifeFitness Room is CLOSED Thursday May 24 - Monday May 28th as the floor is refurbished.

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