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Complete Covid-19 Facility Information (updated 11/19) LEARN MORE    

Rental Policies

Facility Rental Policies 

The Geneseo Park District Facilities are available to rent for your next event. Certificate of Insurance may be required.  Visit to purchase event insurance.



  • Renters are given exclusive use of a space within the designated facility, but should understand that the accompanying restrooms & other amenities will remain open to the public. Because of this, renters are expected to be considerate of others who may be using the facility during their rental. Park District sponsored activities have priority in all facilities. The Park District reserves the right to move a rental to another location if deemed necessary.
  • The time you reserve the space is the time the doors will be unlocked. Set up & tear down time must be included in reservation time. No early arrivals or late stays without advanced notice. Additional charges apply if rental goes past scheduled time. This includes usage of the refrigerator, oven etc.
  • Do not use tape on walls or ceilings.
  • Signage is prohibited on Park District property, including grass, exterior windows and down The Center’s main hallway without prior permission in writing.
  • Smoking/Vaping is prohibited within a minimum of 15 ft from all doors and windows. Designated smoking area is provided. Please properly dispose of cigarette remains.
  • All garbage must be in bags and will be picked up by Park District Staff.
  • If not all attendees are from the same household, face coverings are required when you cannot maintain 6 feet of social distancing.
  • Each renter is required to complete a Rental Contact Form with each visitors information completed in full and turned in on the rental date.
  • Please sanitize hands upon entering the facility. Hand sanitizer stations are available at the entrance of the Community Center and within the rental areas.
  • Water fountains are not available for use in any Park District facility. There is one water bottle filling station located in the main hallway of the Community Center. Visitors are required to bring their own reusable bottle.
  • After hour rental rates will be applied during non-business hours.
  • You are responsible for any damages that occur while using the room.
  • Each attendee should complete a self-assessment before they enter. If they have any COVID-19 symptoms, Please Stay Home.


ACTIVITY ROOM (Maximum Occupancy 50)

  • Use of Activity Room Game Tables are not available at this time.
  • All tables and chairs must be put back to their original location. Tables/Chairs are not to be removed from room.
  • All furniture on carpeted areas in the Activity Room is not to be moved.
  • If using the kitchen in The Center the renter will provide dish soap and towels and any dishes used from The Center must be washed dried and put away to their original location. Please clean up any spills and wipe out the sinks.


POOLSIDE ROOM (Maximum Occupancy 30)

  • All tables and chairs must be put back to their original location. Tables/Chairs are not to be removed from room.
  • If using the kitchenette the renter will provide kitchen supplies including dish soap and towels. Please clean up any spills and wipe out the sinks.


SPLASH PAD (Maximum Occupancy 25)

  • The Splash Pad is available for hourly rentals 7 pm – 9 pm daily.
  • The Splash Pad reservation will be cancelled if thundering or lightning.
  • Children under 10 years of age must be with a guardian 14 years or older.
  • Restroom is available.
  • No outside toys, bags, chairs, towels, food or drink allowed. Please leave all items in your vehicle or on your bike. Small baskets available at admissions window for keys and cell phones.
  • Chairs & tables will not be available to discourage gatherings.
  • Poolside Room can be rented if you would like to serve food & drinks.



Tennis/Pickleball Courts Guidelines:

  • Any players with any symptoms of COVID-19, should not play.
  • Bring your own tennis racquet and tennis balls.
  • Players shall maintain adequate physical distancing between each other.
  • Bring hand sanitizer with you and use during your round and at the end.
  • No handshakes at the beginning or end of the match.
  • Players should stay on their side of the court and avoid changing sides during match play.
  • Playing singles is preferred, but not required.
  • Using new balls on a very regular basis is highly encouraged. Although there is no specific evidence that tennis balls can spread COVID-19, we know that contamination by respiratory droplets does occur on hard surfaces, especially ones that are made of felt and therefore players should be mindful of their contact with tennis balls.
  • Replace all balls if someone suspected to have COVID-19 comes in contact with them.
  • Consider spraying tennis balls briefly with a disinfectant spray (e.g., Lysol or Clorox) at the conclusion of play.
  • Match play - Tennis players should each bring a new can of balls to a match, different brands or same brand/different numbers and only serve with your tennis balls. If playing pickleball, use different color balls.
  • Players should use their racquet/foot to push balls back and/or hit them to their opponent to avoid using hands and touching the balls.
  • Players should not congregate in groups before or after playing.

Youth Sports Guidelines:

  • Any players with any symptoms of COVID-19, should not play.
  • Players shall maintain adequate physical distancing between each other.
  • Sport organizers or coaches should maintain attendance log of participants.
  • Participants should wash hands with soap and water or use hand sanitizer before participating.
  • Participants should bring their own source of water and refrain from using any communal sources of hydration (e.g., team water or sports drink jug).
  • No handshakes at the beginning or end of games and practice.
  • Participants should sanitize hands regularly.
  • Participants should avoid touching facility accessories (e.g., goal posts, flags).
  • Participants should use their own equipment (e.g., helmet, bat, gloves) as much as practical. If equipment is to me shared, sports organizers should sanitize equipment before & after use.
  • Participants should place personal belongings at least 6-ft. away from others’ personal belongings.
  • Volunteers should abide by static team/ group guidelines applied to employees with no mixing between groups for the duration of the season/ volunteer period, if practical.
  • If practical, limit spectators to immediate household members or guardians of participants for both outdoor and indoor sports.
  • Spectators from the same household should sit together.
  • Non-competitive activities (e.g., practices, drills, lessons) should be set up to allow for 6-ft. of distancing between participants whenever possible.
  • If social distancing cannot be maintained during game play, participants should still maintain 6-ft. of distancing while on the sidelines/ not directly involved in the game.
  • Sport organizers should designate an area for spectators with existing seating (e.g., bleachers) capped at 20% of capacity.
  • Stream practices/ games online to minimize in-person spectating, if possible.
  • Sport organizer should sanitize any individual recreation stations before and after participant use.
  • No group snacks.


CENTRAL THEATER (Maximum Occupancy 50)

Standard Rental includes the use of theater and stage with a manager on duty. Renter can bring a DVD or video (of appropriate content).



An application indicating the intent to have alcohol during a rental must be submitted to the Superintendent of Facilities 30 days prior to the event.

  • LOCATIONS The sale, delivery and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages may be permitted within the following facilities: Community Center’s Gymnasium, Activity Room, Aquatic Center’s Poolside Room or designated rental areas and Athletic Field.
  • No alcoholic beverages may be consumed outside the approved areas or rooms without prior written approval by the Superintendent of Facilities.
  • Reservations: If alcohol is to be served the reservation must be made by person’s 21 years of age or older. This person is responsible for making sure that no one under 21 is consuming alcohol at the event. Furthermore, the designated individual must be present at all times and may not become inebriated at any point of the event and is responsible for contacting the building supervisor should a problem arise.
  • Attendance: If more than 50 people are expected to be in attendance at any one time, extra staffing or security may be required at the renters expense as determined by the Superintendent of Facilities.
  • Certificate of Insurance: The applicant must obtain Special Event Host Liquor Liability insurance in the amount of $1,000,000. The applicant must be named as the insured and the Geneseo Park District will be an additional insured certificate holder. Proof of the insurance must be provided to the Park District at least (7) days before your event. If you are charging an admission to your event, you must also secure dram shop insurance. Visit to purchase insurance.
  • Permits: If applicant is selling alcohol a permit from the City of Geneseo must be obtained for a Special Event Liquor License or a Special Use Permit Liquor License in addition to the Certificate of Insurance for $1,000,000 and dram shop insurance.
  • Swimming: If Alcohol is present, no swimming is allowed.



Rentals held at a Geneseo Park District facilities have the option to advertise the rental for an additional fee of $15 per day. The Digital Marquee message must be scheduled at least two weeks in advance with the Marketing Coordinator.



Payment must be received in full 14 days in advance for all rentals. Rentals booked less then 14 days in advance must be paid in full before the scheduled rental time.



7 day advanced cancellation notice must be give for a full refund.

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