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Geneseo Park District Leadership Team

Andy Thurman, Executive Director
(309) 944-5695 ext 105

Paula Verbeck, Superintendent of Finance & Administration
(309) 944-5695 ext 104

Scott HimmelmanSuperintendent of Facilities
(309) 944-5695 ext 108  

Andrew SigwaltSuperintendent of Recreation
(309) 944-5695 ext 129 

Jackie BeachRecreation & Aquatics Supervisor
(309) 944-5695 ext 107  

Jodie OlsonAdministrative Assistant
(309) 944-5695 ext 114


Geneseo Park District Coordinators & Support Staff

Tony Forst, Lead Custodian

Anne Nelms, Marketing Coordinator

Rachel Bieneman, Preschool Coordinator


Central Theater Manager & Projectionist

Suzy Heaton, Central Theater Manager



Core ValuesGeneseo Park District's RESPECT Award

The purpose of the Geneseo Park District's recognition program is to recognize employees and volunteers who consistently seek ways to help others throughout the park district, and make a significant contribution to advancing the Core Values and Mission of the Geneseo Park District.
This program is for employees, customers, and volunteers to recognize Park District staff or volunteers who consistently demonstrate our Core Value criteria of RESPECT.

Employees, customers, or volunteers nominate Park District staff and volunteers by completing a nomination form and turning it in to Administrative Assistant. Nominations will be collected on a quarterly basis and distributed to Board in Board Packet. If there is more than one nominee, the Board will vote on the recipient.



We are pleased to announce the recipient of the 3rd Quarter RESPECT Award is Mallory Setser!

Mallory was nominated by Larry & Chris Ward. Here is what they had to say . . .

R: Mallory is wonderful at teaching children to succeed at the sport of gymnastics. She is always concerned for their social, mental, and physical wellbeing. She promotes healthy ideals daily by doing her job with a positive, caring, and enthusiastic attitude.

E: Mallory believes in her mission to be the best coach possible. She takes her job very seriously. She is punctual, dependable, and trustworthy. She promotes the program. She is always caring for the program in the community and promoting success.

S: Mallory cares for the gym and promotes safety at all times and cleanliness. She helps out with all aspects of the facility. She takes pride In representing the park district.

P: Mallory brings enthusiasm to each class by starting the classes and leading the warm-ups. She is the first person the students see and she greets them with a welcoming smile and communication.

E: Mallory includes everyone in a fair, positive, and encouraging way. She is sensitive to the needs of all of her students and their skill abilities. She quietly helps improve each situation for a rewarding outcome.

C: Mallory is fantastic at improving individual and organization effectiveness. She has great Ideas to improve each class by changing teaching techniques, use of the gymnastics equipment, and layout of the classes within the gymnastics space.

T: Mallory is the best team player that shares her love for her job. She has worked very hard to team teach each class. She is the first to help out wherever needed. She promotes the students and the program with an amazing team attitude.

These are just a few of the ways Mallory deserves recognition for her professionalism as a Geneseo Park District employee. The improvements she has made to make it to the top of her field are many and her kindness radiates to her fellow teachers and to her students. She is highly recommended for this RESPECT AWARD.



Upcoming Events

February 09

COOKING CLASS - Wine, Spice and Food Pairing

In this program you’ll learn the spices to successfully pair with your family’s favorite foods to put the blast back in your breakfast, the life back in your lunch and the delicious back in your dinner. Must be 21 & older
Instructor: Kim Schwarzkopf from A Spotted Apron

February 10


Your little girl (or girls) will jump at the chance to spend a fun night out with her Dad. The Geneseo Park District invites every father to take their little girls out on a date they will never forget! This magical evening will include dancing, photobooth and great music. Must register by February 6, 2023

February 11


5:30 - 6:45 pm | 3rd Grade & under
7:00 - 9:00 pm | All Ages
SKATE RENTAL: $5.00 Limited skates & sizes available
Not held 3/4
FREE St. Patrick's Day Skate 3/11

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