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Geneseo Park District Leadership Team

Andy Thurman, Executive Director

(309) 944-5695 ext 105

Paula Verbeck, Superintendent of Finance & Administration

(309) 944-5695 ext 104

Scott HimmelmanSuperintendent of Facilities

(309) 944-5695 ext 108  

Andrew SigwaltSuperintendent of Recreation

(309) 944-5695 ext 129 

Jackie BeachRecreation & Aquatics Manager Supervisor

(309) 944-5695 ext 107  

Jodie OlsonAdministrative Assistant

(309) 944-5695 ext 114


Geneseo Park District Coordinators & Support Staff

Tony Forst, Lead Custodian

Anne Nelms, Marketing Coordinator

Carla Lee, Operations Coordinator

Rachel Bieneman, Preschool Coordinator

Therresa Bowton, Aquatics Coordinator

Marjorie Shedlosky, Special Events Coordinator & Building Supervisor

Tami Monier, Aquatics Center Manager

Tamara Moser, Aquatics Center Admissions/Concessions Manager

Destiny CoolbaughBuilding Supervisor

Ian Malmstrom, Building Supervisor

Paige Yarger, Building Supervisor


Central Theater Manager & Projectionist

Suzy Heaton, Central Theater Manager

Robert Keeney, Central Theater Lead Projectionist

Make A Difference

Geneseo Park District Make A Difference Award Winner


The Make A Difference Award Program recognizes one employee quarterly. Nominations for the award may be submitted by any Geneseo Park District patron. All employees of the Geneseo Park District are eligible for this award.

Download a nomination form or just email Jodie at (remember to include your name and contact information too!)


We are pleased to announce the recipient of the 2nd Quarter “Make A Difference Award” is Therresa Bowton!

Therressa is the Aquatics Coordinator at the Geneseo Community Center. She was nominated by Bethany & Michael Winkleman and Rachel Lawson. Here is what they had to say . . .

“We have two young children that have taken private swim lessons with Therresa for over two years. Our family and our babysitter would love to nominate her for the Make A Difference Award for the district. She is so wonderful with the kids, caring, attentive, empathetic, passionate, and inclusive. We have seen our kids become more confident in the pool, enjoy their lessons, and enjoy their time with Therresa. She is a model employee and coach to the kids of this town."  Thank you Therresa!


Above and Beyond

Geneseo Park District Above & Beyond Award Winner

The Above & Beyond Award Program is a Peer-to-Peer recognition award given to one employee quarterly. An employee can be recognized by a co-worker for their outstanding performance.

We are pleased to announce the recipient of the 2nd Quarter “Above and Beyond Award” is Maddie Fitzpatrick!

Maddie is a Lifeguard & Swim Instructor at the Geneseo Park District. She was nominated by Nathaniel Hines. Here is what Nathaniel had to say . . .

“I would like to nominate Maddie Fitzpatrick for the Above & Beyond Award. I've gotten to know Maddie the past several years we have worked together teaching swimming lessons. Throughout the past two years during the non summer months we have been assigned to work together during swimming lessons for most of our classes. Maddie is great with the kids. All the kids I have seen always love Maddie, and are always eager to tell her something that happened at school, or show her a new trick they learned, but she is also able to say NO when it is necessary. That is something which is absolutely critical for someone who works with children, and something that not everyone will do. She is always willing to work extra hard to see children succeed, and never gets frustrated when we have a class with a lot of extra "energy". She never loses her cool or gets flustered, and is always willing to work with the kids that might have a harder time focusing. She is also accepting of those assignments that have kids that we know are going to be a handful, and never complains. She just takes it, and makes the best of the situation. Something I have yet to fully do all the time. Maddie is an excellent example of what a Swimming instructor should be, and a great employee in general. She is always willing to listen to myself or my co-workers when we need to talk, and is an overall great co-worker. Her unselfish interest in what is best for other people has ultimately had a huge impact on our swim program as a whole. She is a prime example of what a Park District employee should be, and she is the definition of a good teammate. I feel very fortunate to work with such an amazing employee! I think the Park District is lucky to have her! Thanks for going Above & Beyond everyday Maddie! It's been awesome to work with you!” Thank you Maddie!

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