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Geneseo Park District Leadership Team

Andy Thurman, Executive Director

(309) 944-5695 ext 105

Paula Verbeck, Superintendent of Finance & Administration

(309) 944-5695 ext 104

Scott HimmelmanSuperintendent of Facilities

(309) 944-5695 ext 108  

Andrew SigwaltSuperintendent of Recreation

(309) 944-5695 ext 129 

Jackie BeachRecreation & Aquatics Manager Supervisor

(309) 944-5695 ext 107  

Jodie OlsonAdministrative Assistant

(309) 944-5695 ext 114


Geneseo Park District Coordinators & Support Staff

Tony Forst, Lead Custodian

Anne Nelms, Marketing Coordinator

Rachel Bieneman, Preschool Coordinator


Central Theater Manager & Projectionist

Suzy Heaton, Central Theater Manager

Robert Keeney, Central Theater Lead Projectionist

Make A Difference

Geneseo Park District Make A Difference Award Winner


The Make A Difference Award Program recognizes one employee quarterly. Nominations for the award may be submitted by any Geneseo Park District patron. All employees of the Geneseo Park District are eligible for this award.

Download a nomination form or just email Jodie at (remember to include your name and contact information too!)


Above and Beyond

Geneseo Park District Above & Beyond Award Winner

The Above & Beyond Award Program is a Peer-to-Peer recognition award given to one employee quarterly. An employee can be recognized by a co-worker for their outstanding performance.

We are pleased to announce the recipient of the 4th Quarter ”Above and Beyond Award” is Nathaniel Hines!

Nathaniel is a Center Manager at the Geneseo Park District. Nathaniel was nominated by Larry and Chris Ward. Here is what they had to say . . .

”Nathaniel Hines is such a great example of leadership and integrity. He is prompt, efficient, and organized while displaying a sincere smile on his face. He goes out of his way to be pleasant and helpful to patrons and fellow employees. He remembers so many small kindnesses that make other employees enjoy their jobs due to his positivity."

"There are numerous examples of him going out of his way to help the park district run more efficiently. Monday, a student had to be picked up at Growth, Inc. because the usual employee that does this favor for us was home with a sick child. I was on my way to pick up the student quickly to get back to gymnastics, and Nathaniel was coming toward me down the main hallway with the student smiling behind him. She made it to class on time and I did not have to leave the gymnastics class to pick her up. Nathaniel knows all the gymnastic students and parents. He has calmed several angry parents upset about not getting their child into a class with a careful affirmative response. He has stayed an extra few minutes to make a copy for us that had to be sent immediately. He found an AA battery for us to fix the gymnastics clock, which helps us stay on time in our classes without looking at the time on our phones. He takes care of attendance so quickly and is kind enough to run the class sheets back to us. He is ALWAYS on time to sanitize our gym, which makes everything flow smoothly and keeps us all safe. Many times, he will ask us how we are doing or tell us “Good Night” at the end of a long work night. He tells us if we need to know valuable information such as if someone called and will be absent. He is trustworthy and loyal. He shares praise and support every single day that we are around him. He takes the time to serve the community center in a humble, thoughtful, and considerate way. Sometimes his job is very stressful because of the negativity of patrons, but he manages difficult situations with patience. He takes his time to do the little things that are truly the big things if a business is to be successful.

"We would like to nominate Nathaniel Hines for the “Above and Beyond Award.” He demonstrates all the Core Values and exemplifies the mission of the Geneseo Park District in enhancing the quality of life in our community by providing a positive recreational experience for all. Please accept this nomination of Nathaniel Hines for this award because he is deserving, wonderful and a remarkable employee."  

Thank you Nathaniel!

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