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Geneseo Park District Leadership Team

Andy Thurman, Executive Director
(309) 944-5695 ext 105

Paula Verbeck, Superintendent of Finance & Administration
(309) 944-5695 ext 104

Scott HimmelmanSuperintendent of Facilities
(309) 944-5695 ext 108  

Andrew SigwaltSuperintendent of Recreation
(309) 944-5695 ext 129 

Jackie BeachRecreation & Aquatics Supervisor
(309) 944-5695 ext 107  

Jodie OlsonAdministrative Assistant
(309) 944-5695 ext 114


Geneseo Park District Coordinators & Support Staff

Tony Forst, Lead Custodian

Anne Nelms, Marketing Coordinator

Rachel Bieneman, Preschool Coordinator


Central Theater Manager & Projectionist

Suzy Heaton, Central Theater Manager



Core ValuesGeneseo Park District's RESPECT Award

The purpose of the Geneseo Park District's recognition program is to recognize employees and volunteers who consistently seek ways to help others throughout the park district, and make a significant contribution to advancing the Core Values and Mission of the Geneseo Park District.
This program is for employees, customers, and volunteers to recognize Park District staff or volunteers who consistently demonstrate our Core Value criteria of RESPECT.

Employees, customers, or volunteers nominate Park District staff and volunteers by completing a nomination form and turning it in to Administrative Assistant. Nominations will be collected on a quarterly basis and distributed to Board in Board Packet. If there is more than one nominee, the Board will vote on the recipient.



We are pleased to announce the recipient of the 1st Quarter RESPECT Award is Steve Alexander!

Steve was nominated by Marty Golby. Here is what Marty had to say . . .

Steve is an excellent lifeguard. He is friendly, professional and is always willing to improve the atmosphere in the pool. He pays very close attention to everyone in the pool. He is never distracted. He is friendly when someone talks to him, but he doesn’t forget the #1 responsibility of keeping his eye on the people in the pool and making sure they are safe.

Recently, he saw a need to improve a blind spot from the lifeguard stand caused (I believe) by the lift between the stairs and the stand. At his urging, a mirror was installed so that he (or any lifeguard) can better keep an eye on those swimming or standing on or near the steps. Also, when the pool is extremely busy, he does a good job of trying to monitor the situation by encouraging swimmers to use a certain lane that is better suited to their swimming style. He also knows the habits of many swimmers, which helps in the process of making everyone comfortable. He seems to know and remember people’s names and he makes a point of speaking or saying hello to everyone who enters the pool deck. I recommend Steve Alexander whole heartedly for the RESPECT award.


Upcoming Events

October 05


Let your kids play and burn off energy in a safe & warm environment under your supervision.
No registration required. No play group held November 24 & 26.

October 07


Let your kids play and burn off energy in a safe & warm environment under your supervision.
No registration required. No play group held November 23 & 25.

October 08


The Child and Babysitting Safety (CABS) training program is designed to focus on supervising, caring for, and keeping children and infants safe in babysitting settings.

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