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Geneseo Park District Leadership Team

Andy Thurman, Executive Director

(309) 944-5695 ext 105

Paula Verbeck, Superintendent of Finance & Administration

(309) 944-5695 ext 104

Scott HimmelmanSuperintendent of Facilities

(309) 944-5695 ext 108  

Andrew SigwaltSuperintendent of Recreation

(309) 944-5695 ext 129 

Jackie BeachRecreation & Aquatics Manager Supervisor

(309) 944-5695 ext 107  

Jodie OlsonAdministrative Assistant

(309) 944-5695 ext 114


Geneseo Park District Coordinators & Support Staff

Tony Forst, Lead Custodian

Anne Nelms, Marketing Coordinator

Carla Lee, Operations Coordinator

Rachel Bieneman, Preschool Coordinator

Therresa Bowton, Aquatics Coordinator

Marjorie Hood, Special Events Coordinator & Building Supervisor

Tami Monier, Aquatics Center Manager

Tamara Moser, Aquatics Center Admissions/Concessions Manager

Jessica Hutchison, Building Supervisor

Destiny CoolbaughBuilding Supervisor

Ian Malmstrom, Building Supervisor

Paige Yarger, Building Supervisor

Kylie Lembke, Building Supervisor


Central Theater Manager & Projectionist

Suzy Heaton, Central Theater Manager

Robert Keeney, Central Theater Lead Projectionist

Make A Difference

Geneseo Park District Make A Difference Award Winner


The Make A Difference Award Program recognizes one employee quarterly. Nominations for the award may be submitted by any Geneseo Park District patron. All employees of the Geneseo Park District are eligible for this award.

Download a nomination form or just email Jodie at (remember to include your name and contact information too!)


We are pleased to announce the recipient of the 1st Quarter “Make A Difference Award” is Carie Kreiner.

Carie is a Fitness Instructor at the Geneseo Community Center. She was nominated by Darla Anderson. Here is what Darla had to say . . .

“I have been attending Carie’s Early Burn Class ever since she started teaching it. She is always there for our 5:15 am class with a smile on her face and ready to start our day off with a great fitness attitude. She is motivating and inspiring to all of us. Our workouts are great and she is always trying to find new ways to keep us moving. She is a great instructor and also a great person that cares deeply for each and every one of us. She makes our birthdays special and reaches out to all of us in any time of need. She is a great representative for the Geneseo Park District and you should be very proud to have her on your team. Thank you for Carie!”

Above and Beyond

Geneseo Park District Above & Beyond Award Winner

The Above & Beyond Award Program is a Peer-to-Peer recognition award give to one employee quarterly. An employee can be recognized by a co-worker for their outstanding performance.


We are pleased to announce the recipient of the 2nd Quarter “Above and Beyond” Award is . . . Jay Heaton!

Jay is a Desk Attendant at the Geneseo Community Center. Jay was nominated by Marge Hood. Here is what Marge had to say . . .

“Jay volunteered for the MLB Pitch Hit and run competition. Without Jay, the event would not have run smoothly.

Jay set up and tore down for both the Regional and Sectional competitions. This included targets, ran balls down, measured and assisted the competitors. He rallied, cheered and was enthusiastic with the kids. He was well at ease, giving the competitors advice and setting them at ease. Jay was giving advice and tips to the kids as well. His professional attitude was superior, and I could tell Jay has vast experience as a coach and mentor.

During the sectionals, Jay enthusiastically jumped in as I and Kaden took turns timing the kids during the run part of the series. He was diligent on congratulating every competitor with a “You did a great job”, even when a child was down about their performance, Jay was quick to tell them how great of a job their performance was. Not one child left the field frowning. Jay made them feel better about themselves.

Jay went above and beyond to ensure both events were successful which made my job easier. One of the kids was frustrated, upon Jay’s advice to the youngster he ended up doing great for the hitting portion of the competition and the running part. He ended up a Silver Medalist, losing by only 2 points to the Gold Medalist. I remember smiling and thought to myself that had Jay not given him the confident speech, he would not have finished strong like he did. Jay’s dedication, guidance, advice and calmness allowed the children he interacted with to do better in this competition.

Without Jay I would not have had the time I required to dedicate to the competitors. For these reasons, I am nominating Jay Heaton for the Geneseo Park District Above and Beyond Award. I will ask Jay for his help for this event in the future! I have heard from a few of the parents that thanked my entire team for a well run great competition. They look forward to next year’s competition."

Upcoming Events

October 18


The Gym, Walking Track & Racquetball Courts are CLOSED for the Annual Geneseo Park District Foundation Parktoberfest starting 8am October 18th until Noon on October 21st.
The Gym, Walking Track & Racquetball Courts will reopen Noon on Sunday October 21st.

October 19


Bring your child to Anderson Memorial Park (located at 316 East Main Street) to enjoy seasonal stories and marshmallows around a cozy campfire.

October 21

Gym Closed

The Gym, Walking Track & Racquetball Courts are CLOSED for the Annual Geneseo Park District Foundation Parktoberfest starting 8am October 18th until Noon on October 21st. The Gym, Walking Track & Racquetball Courts will reopen Noon on Sunday October 21st.

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