Community Center Hours
May 27, 2017 - September 4, 2017
Members Only
Mon-Thu 5:00am - 11:00pm 
Friday 5:00am - 8:00pm 
Saturday 6:00am - 3:00pm 
Sunday 8:00am - 1:00pm
& 5:00 - 11:00pm

Non-Member Hours
Mon-Thu 8:00am - 8:00pm
Friday 8:00am - 8:00pm
Saturday 8:00am -1:00pm
Sunday 8:00am - 1:00pm

Registration Information

All registration is on a first come, first serve basis during open registration (see the current Activity Guide for registration dates). A registration is guaranteed when payment has been made and a waiver has been signed. Telephone registration is not available.  We ask that you sign up early and before the deadline so we will be able to provide you with the best program experience possible.  Programs may not be transferred from one person to another. 


How do I register?

Online Registration
Click here to start using online registration

Walk-In Registration
Register in person at the Geneseo Community Center, 541 East North Street, Geneseo.

Mailed-In Registration
You may choose to mail your registration to us. 

  • Registrations received by mail will be processed as time permits, beginning the first day of registration, and may take up to three working days to complete.
  • If your first choice is full, you will be placed in your second choice. If there is no second choice, or if it is also full, you will be placed on a waiting list for your first choice. Your check will not be charged until you have been registered in a program.
  • Receipts will be mailed to confirm your program registrations. If you do not receive a receipt confirming your registration before the start of your class, please call (309) 944-5695 to make sure you are registered in the class.
  • Checks will be voided and returned if the classes you selected are full.

 Mail: Registration, Geneseo Park District, 541 East North Street, Geneseo IL 61254

Do I need to pay for my programs when I register?

Yes, payment must be included with your registration materials. When registering in person or by mail, please make checks payable to the Geneseo Park District.  If you wish to pay using VISA, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express, please visit the Geneseo Community Center or to complete your registration.  You may also register (and pay with credit card) via our Online Registration system.

What happens if the program I want is already full?

Each program has a minimum and maximum enrollment. Once enrollment for any program reaches the maximum, we start a waiting list. Sometimes we are able to accommodate these individuals by offering an additional class. We will notify you if you are placed on a waiting list, or if a new class is scheduled. If you are unable to attend the new class, we will refund your registration fee.

What does M and NM by Fees mean?

Most programs listed have a Member rate (M) and a Non-Member rate (NM).

Member Rate (M): Park District Members receive 50% off All programs; Community Center Members receive receive 50% off All programs (excludes programs held at the Aquatic Center); Aquatic Center Memberships receive 50% off all Outdoor Pool programs (including Outdoor Swim Lessons).

Non-Member Rate (NM): Program rates for Non-Members.  Click here to learn how to become a Member today! 

I cannot attend a program, can I receive a refund?

Full refunds will be given to a registrant for any program, provided that the refund is requested of the Park District before the class starts. Refunds after a class begins will be at a rate of 1/2 of the unused portion at the time of the request.